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Unisex Running Waist Bag

Unisex Running Waist Bag

Running Waist Bag

Why do people love unisex running waist bag?

Unisex running waist bag is easy to use, comfortable and breathable. You can use it when you are walking, running, jogging and traveling. Although it is single-sex, it can be used by both men and women. The waist bag is designed according to the customer's needs. So, it is wrinkle and shrinks resistant. 

Unisex Waist Bag

Part of Fashion:

Unisex running waist bag is stylish and fashionable to wear. This bag is made of a water-resistant material that can be worn in any weather and protects the accessories inside the bag. Unisex running waist bag has a durable wide belt with adjustable waist size and meets your needs. It can be adjusted very easily to any size. The bag has a large pocket where you can put keys, cards, mobile phones, headphones, tablets, sports equipment, or other accessories.

Waist Bag

The Rose petal design:

Unisex running waist bag is very lightweight and easy to wear, its waist belt combines high-quality, lightweight, and breathable materials. It keeps you cool during the heat, so it makes sense. All-weather sweat-resistant absorbs sweat when you do gym or other types of exercise and protects you from bacteria. The Unisex running waist bag logo reflects the brand's quality and highlights the waistband.

Extra Benefits:

Unisex running waist bah is made of nylon waist nipple. This makes the packaging light, durable, easy to wash, and resistant to shrinkage and wrinkles. This is great for athletes. Special reflective design using music:

Unisex Running Waist Bag

  • Reflective tape

The fitness kit also has an extra-thick reflective tape that works safely at night. Reflective silk straps protect for increased safety when exercising in the dark.

  • Play with music

We've designed a headphone jack so you can easily listen to your favorite music and enjoy a fun and relaxing workout.