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Running Waist Bag

Running Waist Bag

Waist Bag For Running 

Why people are crazy about running waist bag?

Large capacity:

This running waist bag includes two zipped pockets and two small pockets on either side. You can keep small items such as cell phones (less than 6 inches), headphones, keys, credit cards, cash, etc. Suitable for running, cycling and traveling.

Adjustable elastic vest:

The waist of this cross-body bag is adjustable up to 85cm(33.4in), a stretchy design for most people. You can use a running waist bag as a death pack or a shoulder bag.

Running Waist BagEnjoy music while doing sports:

The entertainment package has a headphone cable slot and you can listen to live music while doing sports. After hitting the song, you'll find the workout is exciting, too.

Enjoy the rain:

Made of waterproof neoprene, which helps protect your phone from rain and sweat and eliminates the need to worry about losing valuables.

Widely used:

Running waist bag can be used in various situations such as running, walking, cycling, walking, traveling, fitness club, etc. Running waist bag is suitable for both men and women.

Running Waist Bag

Freedom of Free-Hands:

Keep your hands free without leaving small items like phones, keys, bottles, etc. The cabin layout includes the main compartment, the small compartment, and the bottle compartment.

Quality matters most:

Made of durable polyester and resistant neoprene with a clean, sturdy, and useful coating. The waterproof fabric can protect your items from water, dust, sand, raindrops, and more. Small size and large capacity.

The magic pockets:

The main zipper has a large space to store your phones and the other pocket is large enough to hold keys, cards, and mug, etc. With a headphone jack, you can enjoy music while playing. Reflective tape can reflect light in the dark to remind others of its presence and ensure your safety.

Waist use elastic belt suitable for 670-1200mm. Specifications: Material: polyester fiber + neoprene Color: black Fit waist:

Waist Bag

Why running waist bag is best?

Material: neoprene

Colors: black, light blue, orange, fluorescent green, pink.

Size: about 33 inches

Suitable for: phone under 6 inches (waist adjustment)

Applications: running, fitness, outdoors, camping, hiking, fishing, cycling, etc.

Features: Water Resistant, High Quality, Versatile.