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3005 Unisex jersey V-Neck T-Shirt

3005 Unisex jersey V-Neck T-Shirt

Unisex jersey V-Neck T-Shirt:

The unisex shirt is exactly as it sounds like. We provide all kinds of varieties in shirts. But in this blog, we tell you about 3005 jerseys V-Neck T-Shirt. By wearing this shirt, you can give an adorable look to your body view. This shirt is also used in your gym costumes. The unisex jersey shirt makes you comfortable and breathable during exercise. You can wear it in any type of events like traditional, structured, retail fit, and Saturday casual. The V-Neck shape of this shirt adds a unique look to your body style. In today's time, innovation is happening and old things are changing. You can say that this shirt fulfills the need for the uniqueness of fashion. You can make your personality more attractive by wearing this shirt.

Unisex Jersey SS V-Neck T-Shirt

Benefits of wearing Unisex T-Shirt

People may think the shirt is just a shirt. But different fits make different benefits. You should choose your outfit based on what kind of look you want. If you are looking for a comfortable, relaxed feeling shirt. A unisex shirt is a great benefit for this. 


We used 100% of Ring spun cotton to manufacture this shirt. Polyester fabric is also used in this shirt's stuff. This fabric is the most popular fabric of the world that is used in thousands of textile firms. In stuff sense, we tried our best to make you comfortable in your wearing.


We are providing the best colors in the unisex shirts that are suitable for your body. 

You can order your shirt in the following colors:

  • White
  • Black
  • Canvas Red
  • Dark Gray Heather
  • Navy


We are offering the following sizes in Unisex T-Shirt:

  • X-Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • XL
  • 2XL
  • 3XL


We offer this shirt in a very affordable amount. The price of this product is 25.95$.